Grade 2 ELA Reading Comprehension Practice Test #2

Grade 2 ELA Reading Comprehension Practice Test #2: You can download a printable worksheet in PDF. As part of the state test, anyone can practice this Grade 2 English Language Arts (ELA) Assessment Practice Test Questions Answers.

Grade 2 ELA Reading Comprehension Practice Test #2

Test Name State Test Assessment
Subject English Language Arts (ELA)
Topic Reading Comprehension
Class Grade 2
Level Performance Level
Total Passages 3
Total Items 9 MCQs
Printable PDF Available

Title 1: The Starry Night Adventure — A Trip to the Moon

1 Mia and Leo were best friends who loved stargazing. Every night, they gazed at the stars and wondered what it would be like to visit the moon.

2 One evening, they found a mysterious telescope that had the power to transport them to the moon. Excited, they decided to embark on a thrilling adventure.

3 Mia and Leo peered through the telescope and, in an instant, they were standing on the moon’s surface. They were amazed by the sparkling stars and the Earth shining brightly in the distance.

4 They explored the moon’s landscape, jumping high in the low gravity, and discovered colorful moon rocks and hidden craters.

5 Along the way, they met a friendly astronaut who shared stories about the stars and showed them how to plant a flag on the moon.

6 As the Earth began to rise, the telescope reappeared, signaling that it was time to return home. Mia and Leo said goodbye to their new friend and stepped back through the telescope.

7 They found themselves safely back on Earth, filled with awe and excitement. Mia and Leo knew they would cherish their unforgettable journey to the moon forever.

Question 1Question 2Question 3

Question 1: What did Mia and Leo find that took them to the moon?

  • A) A magic rocket
  • B) A mysterious telescope
  • C) A special ladder
  • D) A flying carpet
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B) A mysterious telescope  

Question 2: What did Mia and Leo discover on the moon?

  • A) Colorful moon rocks and hidden craters
  • B) A secret moon village
  • C) A magical garden
  • D) A hidden treasure chest
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Answer: A) Colorful moon rocks and hidden craters

Question 3: Who did Mia and Leo meet on the moon?

  • A) A friendly astronaut
  • B) A talking alien
  • C) A wise moon fairy
  • D) A helpful robot
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A) A friendly astronaut

Title 2: The Enchanted Music Box — A Dance in the Castle


1 Ella and James were siblings who enjoyed exploring their grandmother’s attic. One day, they discovered a beautiful, old music box hidden in a dusty corner.

2 As they opened the music box, it played a lovely melody, and they were magically transported to a grand castle filled with music and laughter.

3 In the castle, they were greeted by friendly animals dressed in royal clothing. The animals invited Ella and James to join a magnificent ballroom dance.

4 Ella and James twirled and spun around the dance floor with their new animal friends. They danced to the enchanting music that echoed throughout the castle.

5 After hours of dancing and fun, the music box’s melody began to fade. Ella and James knew it was time to return to their grandmother’s attic.

6 They thanked the animals for the delightful dance and stepped back into the music box’s magical light.

7 Ella and James found themselves back in the attic, filled with joy and excitement from their magical adventure. They knew the enchanted music box was a treasure they would cherish forever.

Question 1Question 2Question 3

Question 1: Where did Ella and James find the enchanted music box?

  • A) In their grandmother’s attic
  • B) In a hidden garden
  • C) In a mysterious cave
  • D) In a secret room
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A) In their grandmother’s attic 

Question 2: Where were Ella and James transported to by the music box?

  • A) A magical forest
  • B) A grand castle
  • C) An underwater palace
  • D) A floating island
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Answer: B) A grand castle

Question 3: What activity did Ella and James participate in with the animals?

  • A) A treasure hunt
  • B) A ballroom dance
  • C) A cooking competition
  • D) A racing game
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B) A ballroom dance

Title 3: The Whispering Seashell — A Journey Under the Sea

1 Sam and Lily were siblings who loved visiting the beach. One summer day, they found a unique, spiraled seashell near the shore.

2 When they held the seashell to their ears, they heard a magical whisper inviting them on an underwater adventure. Excited, they accepted the invitation.

3 As they touched the seashell together, they were instantly transported to an enchanting underwater world filled with colorful coral reefs and shimmering schools of fish.

4 Sam and Lily were able to breathe underwater and swim with the sea creatures. They met a wise old sea turtle who showed them the hidden wonders of the ocean.

5 They explored a sunken pirate ship, discovered a secret underwater cave, and even witnessed a beautiful underwater rainbow.

6 When the sun began to set, the seashell whispered that it was time to return to the shore. Sam and Lily thanked the sea turtle for the incredible tour and swam back to the surface.

7 Sam and Lily found themselves back on the beach, amazed by their underwater journey. They knew that the whispering seashell was a magical treasure they would never forget.

Question 1Question 2Question 3

Question 1: Where did Sam and Lily find the whispering seashell?

  • A) In a forest
  • B) At the beach
  • C) In their backyard
  • D) On a mountain
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B) At the beach

Question 2: What happened when Sam and Lily touched the seashell together?

  • A) They were transported to a magical island
  • B) They were taken on an underwater adventure
  • C) They were given the ability to fly
  • D) They were sent to a hidden jungle
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Answer: B) They were taken on an underwater adventure

Question 3: Who guided Sam and Lily during their underwater adventure?

  • A) A friendly dolphin
  • B) A wise old sea turtle
  • C) A playful octopus
  • D) A helpful seahorse
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Answer: B) A wise old sea turtle