Grade 2 ELA Reading Comprehension Practice Test #1

Grade 2 ELA Reading Comprehension Practice Test #1: You can download a printable worksheet in PDF. As part of the state test, anyone can practice this Grade 2 English Language Arts (ELA) Assessment Practice Test Questions Answers.

Grade 2 ELA Reading Comprehension Practice Test #1

Test Name State Test Assessment
Subject English Language Arts (ELA)
Topic Reading Comprehension
Class Grade 2
Level Performance Level
Total Passages 3
Total Items 9 MCQs
Printable PDF Available

Title 1: The Magic Paintbrush — A Tale from the Park

1 One sunny day, a little girl named Lily found a magic paintbrush while playing at the park. She didn’t know it was magical yet.

2 Lily decided to paint a picture of a kitten on the sidewalk. As she finished her drawing, the kitten came to life and started to play with Lily!

3 Surprised and excited, Lily painted a big, juicy apple next. When she finished, the apple also came to life, and she enjoyed a tasty snack.

4 Lily’s friend, Timmy, was sad because his ball was lost. Lily had an idea! She painted a brand new ball for Timmy, and it came to life, too. Timmy was thrilled!

5 Lily and Timmy had a fantastic day playing with the things they created using the magic paintbrush. They knew it was a special day they would always remember.

<strong>Question 1</strong><strong>Question 2</strong><strong>Question 3</strong>

Question 1: In the story, who finds the magic paintbrush?

  • A) Timmy
  • B) Lily’s mom
  • C) Lily
  • D) The kitten
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Answer: C Lily  

Question 2: What does Lily paint for Timmy?

  • A ) A bike
  • B) A ball
  • C) A toy car
  • D) A puppy
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Answer: B A ball 

Question 3: In the story, the magic paintbrush can:

  • A) talk.
  • B) make things come to life.
  • C) change colors.
  • D) fly.
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Answer: B makes things come to life.

Title 2: The Secret Treehouse — An Adventure in the Forest

1 In a small town, two friends named Emma and Noah loved exploring the nearby forest. One day, while wandering through the woods, they discovered a hidden treehouse.

2 Excited, they climbed up the ladder and entered the treehouse. Inside, they found a dusty old book on a shelf. Emma gently opened the book and discovered it was a map.

3 The map showed a secret path through the forest, leading to a treasure chest. Emma and Noah decided to follow the map and search for the treasure.

4 As they followed the path, they encountered a friendly squirrel who joined them on their adventure. The squirrel helped them find clues and solve riddles along the way.

5 At last, they reached the spot marked on the map. They dug and found a treasure chest filled with shiny gold coins and beautiful gemstones.

6 Emma and Noah thanked the squirrel for its help and returned to the treehouse. They decided to use some of their newfound treasure to make the treehouse an even more magical place to play.

<strong>Question 1</strong><strong>Question 2</strong><strong>Question 3</strong>

Question 1: Where did Emma and Noah find the map?

  • A) Under a rock
  • B) In the Treehouse
  • C) At home
  • D) Beside a river
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Answer: B In the treehouse 

Question 2: What animal helped Emma and Noah during their adventure?

  • A) A rabbit
  • B) A squirrel
  • C) A bird
  • D) A deer
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Answer: B A squirrel

Question 3: What did Emma and Noah find at the end of the secret path?

  • A) A hidden cave
  • B) A waterfall
  • C) A treasure chest
  • D) An enchanted castle
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Answer: C A treasure chest

Title 3: The Rainbow Stone — A Magical Journey

1 Sarah and Ben lived in a village surrounded by beautiful mountains. One day, they found a rainbow-colored stone near a waterfall.

2 The rainbow stone was magical, and it granted them one wish. After thinking carefully, Sarah and Ben decided to wish for a day of fun and adventure.

3 The stone glowed brightly, and suddenly, they found themselves in a magical land filled with amazing creatures and colorful plants.

4 They met a talking fox who guided them through the land. They climbed giant flowers, swam with mermaids in crystal-clear waters, and even rode on the back of a friendly dragon.

5 As the day came to an end, the rainbow stone started to glow again. Sarah and Ben knew it was time to return home.

6 They thanked their new friends and wished them farewell. The magical land disappeared, and they found themselves back at the waterfall. They knew they would never forget their incredible adventure.

<strong>Question 1</strong><strong>Question 2</strong><strong>Question 3</strong>

Question 1: Where did Sarah and Ben find the rainbow stone?

  • A) Near a waterfall
  • B) On a mountain
  • C) In a cave
  • D) At the beach
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Answer: A) Near a waterfall 

Question 2: What did the rainbow stone do for Sarah and Ben?

  • A) Made them invisible
  • B) Allowed them to fly
  • C) Granted them one wish
  • D) Gave them superpowers
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Answer: C) Granted them one wish

Question 3: Who guided Sarah and Ben through the magical land?

  • A) A talking fox
  • B) A wise owl
  • C) A friendly dragon
  • D) A cheerful rabbit

Answer: A

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Answer: A) A talking fox